Offres Recrutement

Research Software Engineer: Claude Bernard University – Lyon 1

Job environment

The newly appointed RSE will be recruited by the Biometry and Evolutionary Biology Laboratory ( under the supervision of CNRS, UCBL and VetAgro Sup. Built around three pillars consisting of biometry (understood as the set of informatic, statistical and mathematical formalisation tools of biological problems), evolutionary biology and health, this laboratory offers an ideal environment for the development of interdisciplinary projects at the methodology/biology interface in ecoinfectiology. The laboratory is also co-holder of the Labex Ecofect. The person recruited will work in the newly created Veterinary Public Health Team within the Department of Evolutionary Ecology, one of the unit’s four departments. As such, he/she will be able to rely as much on calculation and technical resources available in the unit as those available at the BioEnviS research federation (Pôle Rhône Alpin de Bioinformatique…) or at partners institutions in France (INRAE; plateforme EVAS) and in Great Britain (Scotland’s Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreak).


18 months extendable 3 years.

Required profile

The expected profile for this recruitment is a software engineer with some experience in working on open-source projects in an environment like GitHub as well as in dealing with legacy scientific code bases.

Good knowledge of C++, with experience with C++98 or later, as well as good knowledge of Git and collaborative platforms (e.g. GitHub and GitLab) and testing framework (e.g. Google Test) are essential.

The candidate should show good development practices, with experience in code review, documentation, issue-tracking and use of the version control system.

Knowledge on disease modelling code bases, python and/or R would be appreciated but is not mandatory.

The candidate must be able to write and speak English to high standard. The candidate must be comfortable and motivated to work in a predominantly Frenchspeaking environment.


Fixed-term contract under public law of 18 months, with potential to be extended up to 3 years, from the date of recruitment.

FTE: 100% (Full time)

Salary: depending on previous experience and background

How to apply

Application (CV and cover letter) to be sent by email to:
M. Thibaud Porphyre (Chair VPH):
before Feb 28, 2021


VPH Team Leader: M. Thibaud Porphyre (Chair VPH):
Direction of LBBE: M. Fabrice VAVRE (Head of Unit):
Direction of VetAgro Sup: Mme Estelle LOUKIADIS (Chief scientific officer):